Best Gyro on market by a good margin! 6b takes it!


Taking offers.


Bump! Will let this go for 7b today!

5B today cash ready.

do 7b and it’s yours :slight_smile:
This is significantly better than a 10-15b officer mod. Won’t let it go for 5, 7’s my absolute lowest.

Just wait till someone pays 15. It’s better than officer don’t let it go for less.

Bump. Price is currently up on contract for 10b.

Merry Christmas y’all!

to the top! (have some lesser damage mods, but still great rolls for sale as well, up on contract under my name)



still for sale.

to the top

Price drop to 6b, come take this home at a great price.

Bump! You won’t find a gyro this good for under this price.

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