Biohazard. - Low-Sec - FW - Freedom

Growing steadily and having a blast.

Come and join us for some Nullsec fun. EUTZ - PvP - NO SOV - NO BLOB

To the top.


Still recruiting. Still growing. Still Pewing :slight_smile:

Almost patchday!

EUTZ is growing nicely :slight_smile:

This is not a bump

This is also not a bump

CAn i join in your corp?

Join our ingame channel, lets talk :slight_smile:

Tears are flowing.

we are growing


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We are still recruiting, nothing to see here, move along… wait no, join our discord and have a chat with us :slight_smile:

Been with this corp about a month, loving it, very chilled and relaxed, lots of pewpew and friendly bunch of crazy EU and US bros to fly with.

10/10 would recommend to join :slight_smile: Join us on Discord to chat :smiley: