Biohazard. [PVP/PVE] Null Sec

About us
Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a well known pvp corporation in low sec and null sec. We pride ourselves on our activity and dedication to PVP. We are member of WINMATAR.

We focus on ALL timezones, which means we have fleets up on a regular basis throughout the day.
These fleets vary from small up to medium with the occassional large fleet. Every pvper, whatever type of pvp he prefers, is able to fully stastify his daily needs.

We operate on NBSI, this means we shoot everything that is not friendly. We only keep a limited amount of blues, ideally none.

Our corp and alliance lives in Venal and The Bleak Lands. This means we’ve combined lowsec and nullec in order to generate the most fun for everyone. We use jumpclones or blackops to move where the targets are. This unique concept allows us to spread our terror across the universe in a very quick fashion.
Pretty much where the fights are, we are.

Our base in Venal connects to over 9 nullsec regions to hunt in or explore. There’s many expensive bears to kill and therefore a good location for blackops, smallgang and solo pvp. The region itself is known for it’s riches.
Our base in The Bleak Lands has tons of daily action as it’s in the center of the amarr/minmatar conflict. It also is only 3 jumps away from Providence; great fun for our nullsec crusaders. You’ll see us often run small/medium gangs here against neutrals & pirates.

Positive killboard activity
Mature attitude

What we offer
PVP in Low sec and 0.0
Small & Medium & Large fleets
A lot of roams
Quality FC’s
Ship BuybackProgram
Great Community
200-2000M isk per hour to sustain your pvp

Recruitment Video

Youtube Channel
To watch how we are like, what kind of fleets we use and how we are comms, I advise you to checkout our youtube channel. You can go to the channel by clicking this link: Youtube Channel

EVE Articles about Biohazard.

To read more about Biohazard. and WINMATAR. you can read the above articles.
Or you can join our ingame channel: Biohazard.Pub

Thanks for reading,

Aslon Seridith
Biohazard. CEO


Growing faster than anticipated!

We give 0 fucks :coffee:

Just a call out, we are extra interested in all gemstoners, twihards, furry, brony, otaku, and fanfic writters. Specially interested if you can write all those togethers.

Up to 30 members now, time flies!

We growing nice, still on the look for more to join our muder machine

Had a fun brawl with Black Legion today

Still recruiting!

up to the top

Opened up our nullsec base last week, having a blast combining the nullsec content with our lowsec content.

Had a great small gang roam today, killed more than 1 billion and had a great laugh

Still recruiting

Still recruiting!

Last night we roamed in our wolfpack into null and low sec. Somehow ended up stream sniping :sweat_smile::joy: Zarvox delivered the most fun comments:

Zarvox: No wolf is going to stop a brawling cane
Zarvox: He’s gone balls to the wall
Zarvox: What a ballsy bastard
Zarvox: WTF
Zarvox: We’re in big trouble

Recruiting more EU and US players

Still recruiting!

Up to the top

Still recruiting

Still recruiting