Bison Industrial Inc - A Place for New and Experienced Pilots

What does BISON offer? Small chill group looking for new folk (Alpha or Omega) to add to the team.

We’ve got Discord, a couple of moons for mining, L1 thru L4 missions, good building opportunities. Oh, and a connection to a WH corp of friends.
We have corp mates in most North American Time Zones and a couple in European.

Note for new players. Go ahead and finish the tutorials and get the basic feel for the game, it does help. If you choose to come to Bison, we can and will help you refine what you know and learn more about all that Eve has to offer.

Note for Veterans. Do you need a bit of a slower pace due to RL, burnout or whatever? Want to assist new players in discovering the wonders of Eve. We might be a good place to get your feet under you again or just want a different playstyle.

BISON only has six simple rules (for the most part).

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Help your corp mates.
  3. Don’t start a war but, be prepared to fight as needed.
  4. No drama.
  5. Be on comms (Discord) for corp Ops (at least to listen).
  6. See Rule 1.

If interested, contact Otin Bison or Max Essen in-game or reply here on the forums and we will find you. Discord voice will be needed for the recruitment chat.

If not interested, best of luck and hope your Eve adventure is great.


Recruitment remains open. Hit us up for a chat.

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FYI, this is a really good corp to join if you’re looking to learn the ropes and have a good time. Good management, as well. Definitely worth your time to talk to these guys.


Still looking about for folk. Come on, these rocks aren’t going to mine themselves! :smiley:


We are still open for new (and vet) players.
Drop us a note and let’s chat.
We might be what you are looking for.

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Recruitment still open, come have a chat, you never know.

A great group who know how to make the game fun.

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I’d better Bump this again for these guys. Nick is old and forgets.

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Bumping and, yes … we are still open for new and vet players.
Drop us a note here or in-game.

Looking for a laid back Corp. Not really ready for Faction Warfare and like running the missions.

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Quick bump - open for business and looking for some new blood to join our ranks

Still Recruiting. Come make EVE a better place for you and your corp.

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Max and Nick are a good group of guys, a little old and senile but still good!

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Always looking for hard working people. Come see if we have what you want in EVE.

This is not your sons or daughters corp. Although they are certainly welcome. Mature playstyle for those who want to get things done. Come see us.

A Blessed Christmas from all of us to all of you. Hope everyone has a safe and restful Holiday.
We too have plans for a better New Year. Come join us and make it happen.

Hey Keto my brother and I started our own corp but may be interested in Bison. I’m reaching out because I recognize you from my Eve past at some point. Anyway I`ll reach out in game tomorrow to talk.

I sent you an ingame mail Skarn. Thanks for your interest.

We’re always looking for good people. If you like to participate on whatever level you can please give us a look.

Active player? We have what it takes to make a corp a home. Come chat with us: