Black hats gooo!

Hey you…
Yes you…
Are you tired of being alone?
Tired of mining alone?
Running missions or anoms or ratting alone?
Or just tired of being alone in general?
Look no further than black hat legion.

what we offer

1.mining support with Ora/orcas

2.lvl 4 mission running

3.ratting in small gangs (soon null sec ratting)

4.ore and salvage and pi buy back

5.indy help with free blue print copy’s to Corp 100+ blue print originals

6.small gang pvp roams

our goals

1.grow our numbers large in 2 or more null sec systems

3.have players in all time zones

4.make it rich

5.make a great friendly player driven Corp

who we accept

1.alpha clone clones players

4.old players

what we’re looking to do in the near future

1.move to null sec

2.make our numbers large with active players

3.make toons of money and have fun doing it

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