Black Heart Syndicate - Small-Gang Family Style Wormholes

Hello Eve

Black Heart Syndicate is once again recruiting and looking for pilots who are all-around good people to fill our ranks and expand our PvPing capabilites!

We are currently a small corporation living in C4 wormhole space with an emphasis on murdering people and having fun! We’re a laid back corp focusing on growing our numbers and spreading our roots to cater to all walks of life. When we made this corporation, we agreed that regardless of content we did, we would be the kind of community-based corporation we want to be a part of, so we are extending an invitation to be part of that family.

Why Black Heart Syndicate?

  1. You’re a Wormholer looking for a corp {OR}
  2. You want to be a Wormholer
  3. You’re bored of K-Space (HS, LS, NS)
  4. You’re in a corp that makes you think twice about signing in, getting on comms, and talking to your corp mates
  5. You haven’t played EVE in “X” months and want to try something new
  6. You’re new to EVE
  7. The name is pretty cool

Requirements / Things we ask for

  • Scanning
  • Willingness to learn/improve/teach others
  • Good sense of humor
  • Some skill points would be nice
  • A microphone for use in comms

How do I join the Syndicate?
Ingame: Join our public channel “Black Heart Public"
Discord: Click here (Make sure to say “Hi” and leave a meme in our public meme channel)
And check out our kill board and see what we’re doing

Questions? Concerns? Thoughts?
Leave those in the comments below

Thanks for reading

Fly safe o7
Appocuplis Avada, CEO


Hey guys!

We are doing more every day and there are so many things to kill I have killed a couple of frig’s all by myself over the last couple of days so come join in and we could kill even more stuff.

BHS. Director.

It doesn’t specify in the corp requirements but are Alpha’s allowed to join seeing as they cant use cloaking devices?

They are indeed.

While wormhole life does pose it’s challenges for those cloak-less folks there are ways around it like ECCM scripts to slow down combat probes , Safes and rigorous use of the D-scan button.

Thanks to modern advances in Alpha clone technology thanks to SOE you will be able to do 90% of what we do including but not limited to Relic & Data sites then even training into ratting faction battleships.

Thank you for your enquiry I hope this answers everything.

BHS. Director.

Hey guys.

We are always doing more things in Bob’s holy land so come join us. We kill lot’s of small ■■■■ so come help us start killing bigger ■■■■.

Doing stuff all the time guys just take a look at our kb so many explorers to kill so come join in the fun.

Doing stuff more and more. There are SOOO many alpha’s running around to kill constantly keeps you on your toes so come join in the fun.

Had a quiet spell due to a hospital trip but back to doing stuff so join in!

Stuff…lot’s of stuff. Come join in the fun and do stuff.

This is totally not a bump at all.

We are doing things!

We are dank PUBG corp I have never heard of this EVE thing.

We are doing things! No seriously we are doing things. Unfortunately last op we caught nothing but another one coming up so come join in and perhaps we will get some nice kills.

Stuff always happening. Just gained a good group of AU players so now we have a good spread between AU and US so come join in the fun.

We are doing stuff………I think…

so i want to join the discord server but the link is invalid

Try again :slight_smile:

Always doing stuff guys so come join in the fun.

PUBG all of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Great people. Absolutely apply if you’re AUTZ/USTZ!

We are doing things! So come join in on the fun.