BLACK OMEGA SECURITY Recruitment for PVP’ers Now Open - All TZ's great roam in black rise last night! come join in on the fun!

Recruitment Still Very Open

Recruitment Still Open

Bump bump

Recruitment still open

Kill all the things.

Also chill on comms with a bunch of people.

Yesterday we discussed whether the murder rate was increasing or decreasing on average over the last 100 years and spent a good hour adjusting for “per 100,000” the Office of National Statistics data and taking anomolies into account.

Then we went out and killed a tonne of stuff.

Recruitment still open, unlike the goddamn eve servers >:frowning:

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open (for now)

Closing soon


Recruitment for all TZ’s is now back open.

Up we go

Recruitment in EUTZ is open again!

Recruitment still open gents!

Recruitment still open!


Bumpty Dumpty

Sat in a POS