Black Omega Security Recruitment is now Open for PVP'ers Again!

Black Omega Security has now once again opened its recruitment.

Black Omega Security is one of the oldest corps currently active in EVE, having been founded in 2003. We have a rich history having been there at the start for both Goonswarm and Pandemic Legion (we are sorry, everyone makes mistakes)

Where we live: - We currently live wherever we need to be, in the main that would 0.0 space.
We are predominately EUTZ but have a good USTZ presence
What we do: - All Size PvP - Blops - Hotdrops - Gatecamps - Roams - WH Day Trips - Alliance Fleets.

What we expect from you:- Minimum of 20 mil SP and ask that you have some prior experience of PvP and a willingness to learn and improve.
Be on coms with a working mic.

Come speak with us direct now, go here :----> Live Chat27 15

To join please go to Tap Here … Join “Open Omega” in game and speak with a recruiter.

We are a very social PVP corp, where you will spend most of your time trying to kill things and make pretty explosions. When we fight, we all fight. We do expect you to be active and ready to PVP when in game.
As an Alliance we are also looking for more FC’s. If you are an aspiring/established FC and bored of running fleets when people don’t turn up, know how to focus fire or Logi repping the broadcasted target? then look no more.
We might be what you are looking for and we are on the hunt for fresh faced, wide eyed FC’s looking to take the next step.

We have motivated eager veterans who cross both EU and US Time zones, Target rich environment and a community to be part of and help shape.
If this is something that sounds interesting to you, speak to us in our in game channel “Open Omega” …

Recruiters :-

Pestily : Farrow Tsasa : SuperJrOBC : Winter Alabel : KardonHarman :
This is what we are all about:

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Start your application process today!

Go to

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Two days ago, ProgodLegend, co-XO of TEST hyped his alliance for a fortizar drop in L4X-FH in Geminate. We were ready for him.

Things like that don’t happen because we snap our fingers and make them happen. We make them happen by having eyes watching, a competent pvp main with apostle alts, dread alts, super alts and have them ready on a moment’s notice. If you think you have what it takes apply here:

1 Keepstar, 5 Rorquals, 5 Dreadnaughts, 2 Carriers. 13 Reason why to apply to Black Omega Security this week.

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:

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Speak with us to get PVP’ing … come join the family,

With the TEST retreating back to the south licking their wounds, Pandemic Legion looks to the future for the next fight. Whether hot dropping whales in the farthest reaches of space or mowing down wave after wave of dreadnaughts. Come apply at:

Black Omega has been here since the beginning, now is your opportunity to walk down the path of the greats that have come before you. Apply today at:

Content around the clock.

Apply today for your chance to be apart of hotdrops like this:

We need some more Scandinavians in this corp.

Black Omega Security is a great corp with a great relaxed atmosphere where you can just shoot stuff. If your interested in joining good news we are still recruiting. Stop on in for a chat and see if this feels like the corp for you!

The one who knocks has come to our doorstep. Are you going to be the one who answers? Apply at

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The newest batch of recruits are settling in nicely. Be the next one, apply today at:

Come fly with us! Recruitment gate is GREEN

Another chapter of your Eve life closes: friends leave, a corporation dies, an alliance folds. Start the next chapter at

Come join our pvp family