Black Omega Security Recruitment is now Open for PVP'ers Again!

Breathe new life into your killboard, join us today!

Space Explosions and Comedy, join us now !

Oh and Elite Photoshop right there ^^^


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Here is one for the late night bois



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Shoot spaceships, see the universe. Make new friends, travel the world. Apply to our discord today.


Please give us a try, who knows you may like it.

Since joining BOS, I am having the most Eve fun in years give us a try

Joining BOS has lowered my cholesterol, Improved my mood, my kill board and cured a bad case of Ebola.

No ducks allowed

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Recruitment is still open, Start enjoying the game again with us…

When i joined BOS, I grew a beard and started drinking Craft Beers. Come join us. Good time, good frags , good people.

Now is the time to get good, Come join us to start your future the right way


Still open for pilots that want to enjoy the game again, apply today

Be everything you wanted to be in Eve. Join BOS.

Recruitment is now closed, come back soon y’all