Black Rams 0.0 Low-Sec PVP Corp Recruiting new and veteran Capsuleers

Black Rams a 0.0, Low-Sec PVP Corp Raiding surrounding Regions for kills and booty. Currently recruiting New and Veteran Pilots

We are mainly an EU timezone Corp. with a stray aussie or US timezone player. Wich we would like to grow numbers aswell. Black Rams is a Independent group of people that like a target rich enviroment.
Also leading a small growing alliance ''Radicalized Apes" so Corporations looking for a challange are welcome to pickup the banner and stick a banana in every hole we find!

What we offer

  • Several fleets during the week and weekends
  • Small gang/Nano, Black-Ops, ESS, Filament, Bomber Runs
  • PVP training (1 day old yes you will have a role in our fleets)
  • Experienced Pilot’s willing to share their wealth of knowledge


  • Working Microphone
  • Active ingame and Discord
  • willing to skill for doctrine ships
  • Willing to listen to advice and tips

Interested to join: BR Pub. or Discord

Recruitment Open. Alpha Omega welcome.

Looking for hungry PVP pilots!

Changed Discord Invite,

Recruitment of PVP pilot’s is open

Recrtuitment open

Recruitment Open.

Looking for newbro’s interested in PVP
Looking for Black-ops and Cloaky pilots.

Recruitment open

Recruitment open

Looking for PVP pilot’s

Changed Advert recruitment Open

bump recruiting

Recruitment open to grow our fleets. Roams several times a week.