Open. We only want quality and multiple accounts. Rules above apply.

We expect a team mentality - CTA and Alliance OPS - You should want to be there.

We offer a great gamining community

We fully SRP Logi and Alliance ops.

You can make ISK PVPing and we expect you to fly BLING just as we do.

Minimum of 60 mil SP, fly Rattlesnake, Machariel, Nightmare, T3s, Logi - Guardians - Basi

Minimum Requirement of 2-3 Accounts: DPS and Logi. Logi toon needs to fly Guardian and basi

The above requirements apply. Only skilled multi account pilots apply.

See above. We only want quality.

Only looking for quality.

Requirements above apply.

See if you have the minimum requirements above.

Minimum requirements apply. See above.