We are interested in you if you like:

Hunting specific targets in a FOCUSED WAR.
Hunt and Kill Strategies
Attack and Defensive War Decs.
Small Team PVP

In our FOCUS WAR the target becomes our ONLY focus. In DOWNTIME we will blanket Dec and provide content in High, Low and Null sec PVP.

We ONLY want you if:

Multiple Accounts. Need DPS, Logi and scouts.
Good PVPer. Only quality apply.
Team player. We are a small close group. NO Drama.

So do you want to hunt with meaning using ALL of the game tools at your disposal. Contact me In-game.

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OPEN a convo in game

Come talk to us if you are interested in our line of work. Don’t think you meet all the requirements? If we think you might be a good fit, we will strategize with you how to get there.

Daily Bump…come talk to us

Open for recruitment

Open: Read requirements above.

Open to those who meet the requirements.

Open to those who meet the requirements

Do you meet the above criteria contact me in game.

You don’t meet my criteria!

Sign up. Minimum criteria applies.

Open for those meeting minimum requirements above.

I am USA but only on from downtime to 20:00 any english speaking corps in your alliances.
Just left my corp that is war decked by you but you all never come to amarr space so it did not matter but you gave me the idea that a high sec war decking could be alot of fun lol. It was a good corp but nothing to kill but noobs.

Convo me in game and we can talk about things.

Open to new players, high SP and doctrine requirements. Happy to discuss in game for those interested

Come join us, we don’t use local anyway

Open for new applications

come with me, and you’ll beeeeee…

epic jita loots and exciting structure ransoms this way!

Sup Balckflag? For a group of pirates you really are a bunch of snowflakes. Crying off to the forum admins, again?

Aw boo hoo, someone was nasty to me online, You really are the worse pirates, ever :laughing: