Bloodhusk [DESO] #RC - US/EU - Recruiting (PvP)

Bloodhusk is currently looking for pvp pilots // FCs to join our ranks.
We are recruiting for both US and EU time zones.
Bloodhusk is part of Desolate. // Rekking Crew

Bloodhusk Requirements:
Insatiable appetite for everything PvP
Insatiable appetite for everything BLOPS
Insatiable appetite for everything Capital Warfare

We live in Lowsec but fight everywhere.
Bloodhusk has an industrial corp for industrial alts. (Highsec/Lowsec).

If you meet the requirements or believe you meet the requirements, let’s talk.

You can contact me:
In-Game: Vanir Tsero
Discord: noc_tis
Bloodhusk Discord: Bloodhusk
Bloodhusk Zkill:

o7 Fly Reckless

  • Looking for established players looking for an established pvp oriented environment

Killed a Titan today - Leviathan | Baronessa | Killmail | zKillboard

Updated requirements
Still looking for active pilots to get in on these frags.

Big fights, Daily BLOPS, Looking for more pilots wanting some kills

Let’s have a chat.
PvPers wanted

Some days better than others. :slight_smile:

Good guys won again

We don’t always hunt caps.
We have fun fleet brawls too

Sometimes we just kill sticks. -_-
Still looking to grow! Want more pvp pilots.

Sometimes we abort baby Azbels and Rorqs.
Still looking for more pvp pilots

Smaller day today. Just a couple of vargs. But still winning.

pew pew


Another one

Vertical Boop