[BLUD] Blood Drive Alliance - Now Recruiting! USTZ/EUTZ

Blood Drive is a newly created Alliance living in the southern region of Derelik. We are a new bro friendly alliance with the goal of growing into an entity free of drama and toxicity. We insist on a welcoming and respectful environment for all pilots to find the eve they’re wanting to play. Veteran Leadership who have taken part in building other known alliances in game, there is no shortage of knowledge.

Read more about Blood Drive, it’s mission and it’s Leadership at the Blood Drive Website

Blood Drive is looking for both pilots and corporations to join a brand new adventure. Bloodhusk Industries is the new bro friendly corporation already established within the Blood Drive Alliance.

Corporations with specific niche’s are welcome to visit our website and browse the Fleets page to learn more about the smaller intricacies of our organization.

Whether you’re a new bro just learning eve online, or a seasoned veteran looking for a casual environment, we have a place for you. Whether you’re a capital heavy corporation or an industry corporation, we have a spot for you.

Discord: Blood Drive // Bloodhusk

We look forward to chatting with you!

New Alliance - New Journey

Welcoming both New Bro friendly Corporations as well as New Bro’s to the Bloodhusk Industrialists corporation within Blood Drive.

Visit website, join our discord for more information!

Come chat with us. USTZ/EUTZ/AUTZ

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Still Recruiting

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