Blueprint Haus, a Family Friendly Sov Holding Corp, is Recruiting

  • Ever lost a ship to kid aggro?
  • Seen an hour’s effort lost when the heater repair guy finally showed up?
  • Got ganked in your hauler while peeling spaghetti from the cat?
  • Tired of miniature corps where you are about the only person online?
  • Want to participate in a place with Family Friendly Voice chat channels, adult behavior and a sense of purpose?

If you are over 24.14159 years of age and want to be on the winning side of legendary events like the Battle of B-R or more recent events like World War Bee (we were a member of the Money Badger Coaltion), the Million Dollar Battle for 9-4RP2 , or the Battle for UALX-3 join “BlueP Recruitment” in game and talk to a recruiter today!

We are a family friendly group having a great time PvP’ing in null sec, come join the fun!

Blueprint Haus:

Blueprint Haus is a large and successful space-holding 0.0 corporation that caters to all play styles be it industrial or combative. If you’re a new player, a seasoned PVPER, a Capital ship Junkie, a master miner, a dedicated builder, or a mix of all and are looking for a group of mature players to fly with, then Blueprint Haus is for you!

Blueprint Haus offers players a relaxed atmosphere, a clean environment, and a lot of communal support in EVE’s complex game play. As well as industrial and mining opportunities, Blueprint Haus actively defends and patrols its section of space from incursions in fleets ranging from small roaming gangs to large multi- alliance fleets including Capital ships.

With a large player base, Blueprint Haus offers a rich place for learning and participating in organized goals for PvP, industry, science, building, mining, and complexes.

Blueprint Haus is a founding member of the alliance Blades of Grass (2GTHR). We are currently living in Vale of the Silent. As a member you will have the opportunity to participate in truly meaningful game events such as the ones highlighted in the above articles.

Our motto:

Everybody works, everybody fights, everybody has fun!

Please join our in-game open recruiting channel: “BlueP Recruitment” To speak with current members and recruiters, or EVEmail our CEO or lead recruiter listed below:

CEO: Basil Vulpine
Lead Recruiter: Kerplevich

Join WinterCo in the winter?

Good group of mature players. Lots of freedom to play the way you like…as long as you fleet up when necessary.

We have good space in Vale of the Silent and premium manufacturing resources.

Recruitment is still open.

Bump :slight_smile:

Good space, good resources, good life…

Recruitment is open.

Merry Christmas!

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