.BNF. Null Space corp

Bro’s Never Forget is a well established name in the npc space of Outer Ring. Its leadership is experienced in the ways of nullsec and have many connections around the area.
We welcome newbros, we like newbros!! Alpha pilots are welcome as well but we ask that you are at least 30 days old for security reasons.
We are a group of mature players that understand that real life takes precedence. But we also like the challenge and spoils of nullsec.
We want pilots that feel like doing it all. To be self-reliant, you need to pve and pvp. We also like to hear your sweet voices on comms.

Here’s list of things we offer:

  • Discord channel for communication
  • Many structures with all services covered
  • Jump freighter service at a friendly price
  • PVP knowledge and opportunities
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