Boarder Conflicts/Mission PVP

(Torves) #1

Plot Summary:
Political tension between the four races start to build leading to the formation of volunteer forces to booster their standing military forces. This leads to boarder Skirmishes in several contested systems.

Basic Concept:
Several new Basic systems will be created with only two gates leading to a races territory. The systems will be rated LV 1 – 5 and have varying enter restriction placed on the gates based on the Systems LV. A Player can enlist for one of these races volunteer forces and be granted access to these system via that races controlled gate and fight on their behalf.

System Entry mechanic:
A boarder station will be near that gate and will serve at the enlistment point and control entry of the gate. The station will have a market, the enlistment office, clone bay (if one doesn’t already exist in the system), RP store, and the status boards. Players can enlist at any of these stations as long as they have the requires reputation with that race. The player will then be given there rank in the volunteer forces and may enter the contested system as long and the have the appropriated rank for the systems LV and meet the entry restriction.

System Entry Restriction:
LV1 - Only T1 Ships up to Cruiser Class and T1 Modules maybe uses. No faction modules or ships
LV2 - Only T1 Ships up to Battlecruiser and up to T1 faction modules can be used. No Faction Ships
LV3 – Only T1 Ships up to battleship including Faction ship can be used and T1 module including Faction modules.
LV4 – Only T2 Shops up to battleship including Faction ships can be sued and no module restrictions
LV5 – No restrictions.
Special Entry:
Prate faction will allow you to buy a force entry chip form their faction store to allow you to enter a contested system without needing to be part of a volunteer forces but you will still need to meet the entry restriction. Note: Using this method will make you appear as hostile to both sides.

RP system:
Each Kill in the contested systems will earn they player Reputation Point (RP) Base on the class of ship and can be used in the RP Store to purchase items/equipment. Items/Equipment will be subject to rank requirements.

Status Boards:
Status boards will provide weekly statistical information such as kill ratios, Total ships lost/destroyed. Pod Losses/kills and will have the leaderboard the will ship the top 5 players from of both side that have the most kills.

Kill Streaks
Player will be awarded titles (I.e. Veteran pilot, Ace Pilot, etc.) for killing enemy player without dying (podded). When a player is podded in or out of the contested system he will leave behind a dog tag of the race he volunteered for and the title he had earned and will have to earn the title again. The dog tag can be redeemed for an active bounty or to buy special equipment.

The contested system is basically 0.0 space but due to jamming jump drive will not work in LV 4 system and below and kill rights will not be awarded.

(Daichi Yamato) #2

This is pretty much faction warfare, down to the lp for kills and restricted sites.

(Torves) #3

there are some similarities but isn’t faction warfare. The main differences are you don’t have to leave your corp to participate and the has no baring on your faction standings. There are not station or facilities to capture or destroy. this are basically PVP zone mint for new players that want to learn PVP without running fighting players who will have the out teched and for member of mining or industrially cops or players who focus on mission running who what to do something different or more challenging without risking there standings or putting there corps in unfavorable conditions.

(Old Pervert) #4

They have to eject from their ships before you can board them. I think the word you’re looking for is border.

Regarding your idea, it really just sounds like safer FW.