Bookmarks in ESI still "temporarily" disabled?

Way back in late November of 2019, it was announced that the bookmarks endpoint in ESI was being “temporarily” disabled due to changes in the backend implementation, with the strong implication that it was just going to be a little while until a new endpoint would be implemented:

So, uh… when can we expect this endpoint to return? In game time spans, well over two years seems like “temporary” got away from someone and turned into “Oops, I forgot!”

I have stuff I’d really like to look at implementing using this endpoint, but can’t because we never got passed this “temporary” disabling of the old version and moved on to the new implementation. Has anyone seen anything out of CCP on this?

Is this the endpoint / routes you seek?

PS> Invoke-RestMethod |Format-Table |grep -i bookmark
esi-bookmarks                 get    /characters/{character_id}/bookmarks/                           green  {Bookmarks}
esi-bookmarks                 get    /characters/{character_id}/bookmarks/folders/                   green  {Bookmarks}
esi-bookmarks                 get    /corporations/{corporation_id}/bookmarks/                       green  {Bookmarks}
esi-bookmarks                 get    /corporations/{corporation_id}/bookmarks/folders/               green  {Bookmarks}

At this point, I don’t think they are expected to return. ESI is not getting any new development at all. It’s not even getting bug fixes, except for maybe a single one every 2-3 months or so.

Yes, the endpoints are still there, but, they always return an empty result.
They did that to avoid breaking existing stuff.

Yet they break other stuff lol (JWT comes recently to mind).

Yup. The endpoints exist and return nothing, just like they did when they were temporarily disabled. In other words, they were temporarily disabled and it was communicated that they would be reworked for the way bookmarks worked from that point going forward, but nobody ever go around to reimplementing them. Now we are over two years later and they still haven’t shown up. There are forum threads that talk about it at the time, but no updates on status that I can see. That’s why I’m asking if anyone knows anything more about what’s going on.

ESI is CCP’s hated child

Not even the CSM give it lip service.

It’s on life support, why would anybody break new ground on an app for an API that’s abandoned, might as well just wait for an API refresh which was hinted.

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