Booty Banditz is Recruiting!

Who We Are:

  • Friendly group of people looking to have fun.
  • PvP Oriented Players with the ability to make most of what we use for fast refitting.
  • US Tz Players
  • Real life will always come first. Even if you need a break, take it, better to take one than burn out with any game or hobby.

What We Expect From You:

  • Have a microphone, even if you can’t talk you can still listen to us on Discord.
  • Being able to accept constructive criticism and discuss with the others without taking it personally
  • Being versatile, we recruit people, not weapons. You need to be able to adapt to meta changes and group composition.
  • We do not tolerate drama, bring a good dose of humor and don’t take anything to heart.

We are a corp filled with apes and ambitions. A group of industrialists and pvpers at heart, we enjoy roaming and fighting in low sec/null sec/wormhole space.

» Benefits «
➤ Newbros (New Player) & Returning Veterans Friendly (No SP Requirement)
➤ Access to a C2 Wormhole Space System
➤ PvP Training Program
➤ Skill Plans
➤ Fleet Doctrines Provided
➤ SRP (Ship Replacement Program) - (T1 Frigates / T1 Destroyers lost during Corp Ops/Events)
➤ Access to Moon Mining Stations
➤ Ore Buyback Program for Corp Projects & Ops
➤ No Mandatory Content/Ops

Recruitment Status: OPEN
If you have any questions about joining the corp or about the game in general, please join our public channel Booty Banditz Pub and we’ll hopefully be able to provide you with insight and answers. Please join the channel and apply via the provided link in channel prior to applying in-game or your application will be denied!

We’re still recruiting and just recently opened up the ability to join even more seasoned veterans in pvp content!

We’re still in open recruitment for more pilots that are interested in PvP & Indy! :smiley:

We’re still openly recruiting and looking to find more like minded pvp and indy pilots!

We’re still openly recruiting and possibly entering into an alliance with other corps! Get ready for a fun filled pvp bonus skill point event this month!

We’re still openly recruiting and began running null sec/low sec ops for practicing fleet content and fun! :smiley:

We’re still recruiting! We’re looking for both new and returning players who are interested in pvp both small gang and fleet pvp.

We’re still openly recruiting and working on setting up some PvP ops weekly for fun! :smiley: who doesn’t enjoy a Freaky Friday event from time to time? Both new and returning players are welcomed and there is no skill point requirement. Just a willingness to learn and grow.

We are still actively recruiting new and returning players interested in pvp content! Join us in our adventures through New Eden between K space and Unknown W space!

We are still actively recruiting both new and returning pilots! Come learn and grow with us :slight_smile:

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