Bored Bastards Low Effort Recruiting Drive

Nerds and Nerdettes. Bored Bastards is recruiting.
We are apart of Intrepid Crossing alliance.
We do edgy memes and don’t afraid of anything.

  • USTZ and EUTZ pilots welcome.
  • Newbros welcome.
  • Quarterly giveaways of 500plex to randomly selected participating members.
  • Corp Discord + Alliance Discord/Teamspeak Comms

Click Here To Join Our Discord and Leave Message
All we ask for is to participate in Alliance mining ops if you can.

Also looking for an experienced FC to help with squaring away nerds at Corp/Alliance level.
Bored Bastards will plex FC’s account while employed to Bored Bastards
as long as things are running smooth.

Same offer goes for an active Corp Recruiter
Cheers nerds.

Irc are a good bunch. Busy coms and always fleets to join

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