Bounty Contracting Ltd./ The Brotherhood Mortalis- Recruiting PvP/Indy toons and corporations for WH and Low sec operations 0% tax

Bounty Contracting Ltd./ The Brotherhood Mortalis

We are a WH and lowsec PvP group currently we are living in a C4 wormhole with C3/C5 static holes. We are looking to recruit both PvP characters as well as industrials characters and corporations. We are in search of more logi players to make us more effective in combat situations. We currently run nightly fleets with our group in small gangs roaming low/null sec looking for content. We are also looking to run more black ops fleets. if you or your corporation are looking for a new home we offer excellent opportunities for making isk running wormhole combat sites, mining in the wormholes, PvP content in both low sec and J-space. We also offer SRP for alliance fleet operations if losses are reasonable.

We have lots of good experience within our alliance so if you are looking to sharpen your skills in PvP we can help you out along the way.

As for the industrial side of things, we are looking to bring in some indy toons or corps to mine out our wormhole for materials for the construction of capital ships for hole defense as well as for use out in low sec and null sec. We offer a buy back program for any materials that have been mined within our home wormhole. Buy back for ore and crafting materials will be bought back at 80% of Jita price ( this is to cover fuel for our engineering complex and Astrahus). All other materials such as modules, blue prints, blue loot, salvage, etc. will be bought back at 90% Jita prices. This not only helps out the alliance but it saves our members time and the risk of hauling their loot back to a trade hub. We also have a 0% tax for our corp/alliance. This is something that has been agreed upon by the management of the alliance and will not be something that will be changed.

If you are interested in joining Bounty Contracting Ltd. please contact Rex Azzholes, Ki Rin, or Bewm in game to join our ranks!

Rex Azzholes
CEO Bounty Contracting

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