BPC Shop : Titans, Supers and All Capital Packs (Buy 5 get 1 free)

(MT Han) #1

Titans are gonna be on public contracts from MT Han. For faction Super/Titan Packs ( Only components ) write here or mail MT Han.

Write here or mail me with how many capitals you wanna build. I’ll contract all the necesseary hulls and components ( 10/20, 40 runs ) in one container. The more you order, it will become cheaper.

For every 6 packs at once orders, i’ll give one pack for free (The cheapest one). So you pay for 5 and get 6 packs.


Rorqual ---- 9/14
Orca ---- 9/14

Thanatos ---- 9/14
Nidhoggur ---- 9/14
Chimera ---- 9/14
Archon ---- 9/14

Naglfar ---- 9/14
Phoenix ---- 9/14
Moros ---- 9/14
Revelation ---- 9/14

Apostle ---- 9/14
Minokawa ---- 9/14
Lif ---- 9/14
Ninanzu ---- 9/14

For questions and orders use this thread or eve mail ‘MT Han’.

Old forum link.

(Avrora Shahni) #10

Nice and fast delivery with good prices^^

(Jabsalt2) #11

Great service and fast delivery. I buy 10-12 packs every week or 2 and he always seems to have them in stock :slight_smile: Even if he is out of stock, it never takes more then a few days to fullfill the order.

(Atlas Durham) #15

Ill take 6/ea nid & phoenix plssir, thanks.

(MT Han) #16

Order is contracted.

(Zofren Zulrander) #17


Please and thank you

(MT Han) #18

Order is contracted.

(Alex Turdean) #21

You should add prices

(MT Han) #22

Prices are always changing according to market.

I can say 100m for 1 pack and tomorrow people might put same pack for 90m. What i do is, if you order 1, i give for the cheapest jita price. If you order in bulk i make discounts.

(Marketing 0919 Boirelle) #23

you sell titan bpcs?would like to know how much an avatar pack cost. thx

(MT Han) #24

I have one in public contracts. Can contract that one for 6.5b if you want it.

(MT Han) #25

Someone bought my avatar pack from public contracts so dont have any more atm. I’ll have soon.

(Buying Yourstuff) #29

Hi, Id like to order the following 2 Apostles, 3 Rorquals, 1 Revelation. Ill accept the contract with in 24 hours.

Thank you.

(MT Han) #30

I’ll make the contract in couple of hours. You’ll get one of the apostle pack for free.

Edit: Its contracted.

(Mad Vemane) #31

price for 3x nag + 3x phoenix packs?

(MT Han) #32

Mail sent.

(Mad Vemane) #33

may have forgot to answer, send me one set of those please! :smiley:

(MT Han) #34

Gonna make the contract today.

Edit. Contracted.

(Tanya Talon) #35

Could you give me an estimated cost per rorq pack please,

(MT Han) #36

The cheaper packs in Jita are my packs currently. You can buy from there if you want 1 to 5. If you want more mail me please.