WTS Titan and Supercapital BPOs Ragnarok/Nyx/Hel

  • 1 x Ragnarok 7/10 - 75b

  • 1 x Hel 7/12 - 23b

  • 2 x Nyx 7/12 - 23b

Some Smaller ones:
1 x Siren 5/8 - 300m
2 x Archon 9/14 - 1.5b
1 x Moros 9/14 - 3b
1 x Thanatos 0/0 1.2b Below NPC

Cheapest Available message or post here and I’ll make you a Private Contract :ok_hand:

All are up on Contracts now

heyheyhey I’ll take the Dromi :slight_smile:

contract up :ok_hand:

pleasure as always

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still available

I’ll take an Apostle pls

Contract up

to the top 1 apostle left

Contract me the Apostle

Contract up

Stock updated

Ragnarok BPO Added

Added Hel and Nyx BPO

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All BPOs are up on contracts now

to the top

still available

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Still available!

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