Hello Selling 2 Titan BPOs well researched and Located in Highsec close to Jita

  • Avatar : 7/10 - 90b

  • R̵a̵g̵n̵a̵r̵o̵k̵ ̵:̵ ̵6̵/̵1̵0̵ ̵-̵ ̵8̵8̵b̵ - Sold

Post offers here or Message me ingame!

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To the top!

80b for the rag BPO

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Contract sent!

Can’t you undock in an ibis and show me yours blueprint? :joy :joy:

Good luck with sales
free bump

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Ragnarok BPO Sold

to the topss!

Prices Adjusted - to the top

**Sorry but 75 is to low and can’t be acepted can settle with 85b tho :slight_smile:
Good luck

free push, we can’t reach an agreement, unfortunately.

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To the top!

To the tops!

Still available

To the top!

SOLD Thanks

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