BPC Shop : Titans, Supers and All Capital Packs

Thank you for the fast service. Free bump

Lots of BPCs for sale.

wtb mtt BPC

how mach

mtt bpc?

Lots of packs still for sale.

yes the Ragnarok and Leviathan BPC

I only have ragnarok bpc atm and i sell it as a pack if you want it like that.

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Thanks for packs!

okey,You can give me a contract, but how much is it?

You can send this email to me directly in the game, ID.

No problem.

Also BoDka just bough the last ragnarok pack i have.

Next BPCs are ready in 15 days.

Lots of bpcs for sale.

Still open for bulk orders.

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Hi give me two rorquals packs 2 orca packs 2 nighogger kits 2 archon 2 thantos thanks

Still open for business.

Orca And a rorqual pack?

will contract tonight.

Revelation x6 please

will contract in 12 hours.

Edit: Contracted.