Bros required for high-sec mining and indy ops! [EUTZ]

Nakid Corporation is recruiting! With 12+ years of experience of eve, we are now on the lookout for the right kind of bros to join our industry operations.

Us :

■ Active players in the EU time zone (but open to expanding to others)
■ High-sec moon mining operations with continual access to our own and friendly owned moons
■ Ore buyback
■ Planetary interaction
■ Exploration / ninja wormhole gas huffing ops
■ Newbro friendly and open to alphas
■ Corp Venture program for newbros
■ Non-wardeccable
■ Players experienced in PvP and access to PvP organisations + operations if wanted
■ Future plans for WH / Null expansion

You :

■ English speaking
■ Positive, friendly attitude and willingness to have a laugh
■ Willing to join comms / discord
■ Fully clothed, nakid, or somewhere in between

Join “Nakid Public” or contact “Kirk Gorbachev”


Up we go.

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