Bugged Drone Data Site; cannot open cans

Just now I have scanned down and completed a Drone Data Site, but was unable to open any of the cans after hacking. I approach the can, click “open cargo”, nothing. If I click open cargo from beyond range, my ship approaches to range, but still nothing.

Both a relog and warping in/out of the site did not fix this.

Explanation CCPlease?

Unfortunately I did not have a cargo scanner on me to attempt to see what was inside the cans regardless.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, this was a DM011 site in A-YB15

EDIT 2: I have finally been able to find another data site, and can confirm that either the bug was limited to that specific site, or that it managed to fix itself silently (without any relogs or even docking) in the meanwhile

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