Buzzard or Anathema?

I look at as if I get lucky and whack a looted filled expo, less scanning :smiley:

So it comes down to Helios vs Anathema then. These two seem very similar it’s a tough choice and more for personal style.

I am focusing more on solo explorer with no corp, no fleet, no backup to call.

Expanded probe launcher is a must if you want combats to check for rat/player camps at cosmics so that takes up a lot of fitting attributes rendering smaller ships like Cheetah and Astero not able to be fittable for the purpose. Stratios would be too large but would have the fitting capability the Astero lacks.

Even for HS WH scans on a Heron, it’s useful to use combats to check for Trig camps at a Trig WH to prevent you running into it and only use cores to narrow down a tough target scan.

Drones are not necessary, unless you carry a salvage drone for that off chance, but not worth it most of the time and combat dps/tank is not a desired capability.

Basically the purpose is scan hack run hide.

Nullifier is a must for that odd chance you get hunted with a bubbler and can’t wait them out. Gate to gate jumps won’t be done often, especially not border choke point gates.

Keep in mind that in my considerations above I compared the non-combat exploration fits. If you want to scan down combat ships your ship requires a lot more CPU to fit an expanded probe launcher. As the non-combat explorers rarely run into CPU fitting issues, I didn’t take that into consideration.

The Pacifier for example is terrible at it (less CPU on the whole hull than a single expanded probe launcher requires).

But as you wanted to fit a cargo scanner, which are much easier on the CPU than scan upgrades, you may be able to swap the probe scanner for an expanded one in the fits I linked earlier.

Here’s a fit:

[Helios, Combat probes, Relic and Data, Cargo scan]

Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Relic Analyzer II
Cargo Scanner II
Data Analyzer II
Scan Rangefinding Array II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
Compact Interdiction Nullifier

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade II
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Warrior II x1


  • Swap the scan strength mid slot for scan deviation/scan speed if you prefer either of those
  • Swap to Anathema, you lose the flexible scan upgrade mid slot but if you used it for scan deviation you gain a slightly better scan deviation hull bonus (25% versus 20% of a module in the slot). Ship is a bit slower than the Helios and you lose the speed while cloaked bonus.
  • Combine relic and data analyzer into one of the much more expensive hybrid modules, frees up a slot for scan upgrades
  • Or focus on either data or relic sites, which also frees up a slot for scan upgrades
  • Swap the cargo scanner for something else, because why waste a slot on a cargo scanner
    – may require implants or losing current rigs as you’re very limited on CPU because of the expanded probe launcher

Believe it or not a 100mm plate helped me survive a smartbomber, and the Anathema’s hit points scale better with them.

I tend to prefer agility speed and utility over tank, if I’m in a situation where I have to tank, I consider I messed up somewhere and it’s game over.

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The plate may save you from a smartbomber this time, but what do you do when there are two smartbombers?

It’s easy to avoid getting smartbombed. If you know how to do that, there are better fitting options.