[C-TOC] Eclipse Navy - Seeking Caldari Faction Warfare Pilots!

Eclipse Navy Overview

Eclipse Navy is a Caldari Faction Warfare corporation part of the Caldari Tactical Operations Command with a primary focus in all things PvP. We currently reside in the Sujarento on the front and Jita. We love to have fun as a group and help our individual pilots learn and grow with goals to work towards.

We are both newbro friendly, and returning player friendly and will assist with getting you back up to speed fast.

What we do:

  • Faction warfare: we are a part of the Caldari militia and actively participate in both frontline/counter-insurgency fleets.
  • Excellent income opportunities (Make 100+ mil an hour, even for new players.)
  • NPSI Fleets - We encourage participation with the NPSI community (spectre, bombers bar, etc.)
  • Jump Freightor Logistics - Cheap logistics services to our HQ from Jita
  • Small Gang PVP - Daily fleets of around 5-10 where individual piloting skill matters.
  • SRP for pinged fleets.
  • Numerous opportunities to step up and contribute to a growing corporation.
  • US/EU TZ

What we require:

  • 18+ Years of age
  • Working microphone
  • Chill attitude
  • If new - willingness to learn!

Recruitment Process

Still interested? Join our Discord , (or our in-game channel: Eclipse Pub) and introduce yourself! Talk to Revan Chion with any recruitment questions.


made 300 mil my first day, +1

To the top!

just started EVE joined the corp now i have more than 1.5 billion and doing fun PVP every day

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I joined, small group PVP has been fun and very profitable.

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To the top!

Having a blast


The boss said to bump or be fed to Gallente as bait for a trap. I figure we can always find other bait.
Maybe YOU?

Can confirm - did say that.


Beautiful woman

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