C2 Pulsar HS\C3 Statics with Astra and Pocos

C2 Pulsar with HS and C3 Statics
Astrahus with clonebay and 11 Customs offices
40 days fuel from 1 may.
No pos sticks or other structures.
Peaceful WH.
Good PI
4x Barren
1x Plasma
4x Temperate
2x Gas

3b isk

DM or ping me in this discord. Not good at reading ingame mails or messages here

Process of sale:
1.Ping me and we talk. (EUTZ)
2.Pay half of the amount for entry system/signature id’s to the wormhole. (Can discuss this when higher values)
3.Inspect the wormhole and pay second half.
I will self destruct or leave visible to you depending on my current ship.

No refunds. I really hope i wont need to explain why :wink:
I dont check them every single day, so changes may appear but will check before
any payment is done.
I have one seed so i wont scan very far from the system\EOL because if one connection
drops system is lost.
So be a little patient with the entry ID if the system doesnt have a K-space connection.
If i get killed while scanning an entry, the hole is lost.
Show up in a scanning frigate\Interceptor since it can be small connections in the chain.
I do not own any structures thats for sale in the system unless specified.

Please read and understand this before contacting me :smile:




Jsig ?


3bil ISK ready

Allright. Go into the discord linked and contact me for further convo :slight_smile: