C2 with C3/HS Statics

(Admiral Sasha) #1

Cheap WH for sale, no citadels, astrahus or ongoing presence in the system. Move yourself in and begin the fun !

This is ideal for groups wanting to farm the riches of the excellent static C3 daily and have easy high sec access. PI isn’t the best with 1 storm and 5 gas but can still make good P3 products (Condensates and my personal favourite -> Ukomi Super Conductors). Benefits of that PI is that it won’t raise eyebrows and no-ones going to come fight for it… a peaceful spot to make your superconductors and ship them straight out the static door !

Not going to sit in this one long so throw me an offer and if I like it, the bookmarks are yours tomorrow…

(Felicity Orti) #2

how mush to looking to get for it?

(Admiral Sasha) #3

500mil would make the hassle worth it…

(Felicity Orti) #4

if you still got it i i will take it

(Gizelle Zinette) #5

Still available?

(Admiral Sasha) #6

Sorry folks - this one went. (And I clearly don’t check the boards enough with this toon!)

(system) #7

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