C4 WH Corp Elaka Pirater AB/Rymdfararverket is recruiting for fun and profit


(Zaahz) #1

Elaka Pirater AB is recruiting Privateers for fun and profit.

What we are:

We are a small Scandinavian WH corp looking for new members to bolster our ranks. We are a small group of friendly people living in a C4 Wormhole with a C2 and C3 static that look to expand our riches and our battlefields across wormhole space. We are not technically a PVP corp, but we do a lot of PVP since it is a requirement for living in wormhole space.

What we do:

We mostly shoot at anything and everyone that we see on D-Scan. But while we roll our C2 and C3 static we generate ISK through various means including PI, farming sites, hacking/archeology and mining/industry. We also hosts weekly events where we do what we feel is either needed or fun, like earning ISK, going in roams in low/null/wh space or something else that we deem fun.

What we don’t do:

We do not say no to PVP. It is required and expected of everyone to join in when there is an altercation to be had. Remember, it is fun.
We do not make ISK for you.

What we offer:

We have a good C4 WH for both PvP and PVE that is relatively safe from evicting. We have the structures needed to live in WH space and all needed services inside and outside of the game to make living in WH space as enjoyable as possible.

What we require from new recruits:

Full API key for all accounts
At least 8 million total skillpoints
Cloaking 4/5
Covert Ops 4/5
Astrometrics 4/5
Astrometric Pinpointing 4/5
Astrometric Acquisition 4/5
Astrometric Rangefinding 4/5

Some way of generating ISK by yourself, for example combat sites, Planetary Interaction, hacking/archeology. If there are people online that want to do PVE then we will help you, but this is not something officially organized by Elaka Pirater AB.

We also require that whenever you are in game you are online on voicechat with a good working microphone.


Don’t be a dick, be mature and learn from your mistakes.
We reserve the right to expel anyone as long as Human Resources deems the action appropriate.
We do not expel people for mistakes, and we will not kick someone without a warning unless the transgression has been severe enough to warrant it. Keelhauling(expulsion) is reserved for but are not limited to: mutiny, espionage and embezzlement.

Apply on our forum here: www.rymdfararverket.se/forum
Or contact Zaahz in game for questions.

(Zaahz) #2

We are still looking for recruits.

(Zaahz) #3

We are still looking for space pirates.

(Zaahz) #4

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.

(SAC Tong) #5

Currently don’t match the 8mil SP required but am a quick learner and played previously on another character where I lived in WH space and Null sec. how active are you as a group?


(Zaahz) #6

The 8 mil skillpoint requirement is mostly for making sure that people have options while living in wormhole space. You can live in WH space with a lot less, but your options for making ISK are more limited.

As is mentioned in ad, we are small, although it is usually 1 to 2 players online every day. This recruitment is something that we do to change this.

(SAC Tong) #7

right okay thanks, i’ll have to have a think about it. limited on what I can do in there with limited SP’s.

(Zaahz) #8

Planetary Interaction is something you can make money from in about a week. Though it is kinda boring in terms of playing. There is also hacking/relics that isn’t as intense in the skillpoint requirements. This is a lot more fun and it is great to do while scanning wormholes.

If you have any questions hit me up in game or join our public chat ELAK

(SAC Tong) #9

thanks m8, I’m kitted for scanning and also mining i’ll try catching you in game at some point and have a proper chat with you.

(Zaahz) #10

We are still looking for new recruits.

(Zaahz) #11

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.

(Zaahz) #12

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.

(Zaahz) #13

We are still recruiting.

(Zaahz) #14

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.

(Zaahz) #15

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.

(Zaahz) #16

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.

(Zaahz) #17

Elaka Pirater AB is still recruiting.