[C4 WH] Newbro or seasoned vet looking for a new WH home? K.W.D Is recruiting now!

Hey everyone, Kingsparrow Wormhole Division is currently recruiting.

We reside in a C4 [C3/C4] Red Giant WH, with good planets for PI (Lava/Ocean/Gas/Plasma/Barren). Come fly with a group that understands that real life is important, and everyone starts somewhere.

We pride ourselves with an inclusive culture of helping newbros engage with the content that most appeals to them, empowering them to get the most out of WH space.

Experienced players are also welcome of course and we work to ensure that the Corp is growing and providing services to cater to their needs.

Either join us on our public chat at ‘K.W.D Public’ or our Discord Kingsparrow. You can also contact myself (XGAMES) or our CEO (Arkantos Norika) in-game through EVE-Mail, we’ll respond to you as soon as we can!

Facilities Available:

  • Hybrid and Biochem Reactions in our Athanor
  • Manufacturing and Invention services in our Raitaru
  • Clone bay in our HQ

The day to day:

  • Scan the statics, getting a feel for what’s around
  • Engage with PvP content where able
  • PvE through rolling the C3/4 statics, or go on field trips to other WH’s such as C5 WH’s
  • On low energy days we close off the wormhole and mine, huff gas, clear our C4 sites and chat

Buyback of all goods is facilitated through a list of Corpmate contacts.

  • Corp Fundraiser pays to provision and upgrade structures, pay for fuel, support the buyback scheme and also SRP
  • Shiny medals awarded monthly in a variety of categories

Let me know if you have any questions, K.W.D aims to engage with all forms of WH content, and will change it’s focus based on the active playerbase.

If you’re a solo player looking for a self sufficient competent group to slot in with, or more interested in being a part of a community, we can be a home for you.


K.W.D. Recruitment Officer

Recruitment still open

Recruitment is ongoing

Recruitment still open

Recruitment is still open