C4 Wormhole Corp

Hi I’m a commander from the 13th Empire. We’re looking to recruit members. 13th is very laid-back we’re more of a family than we are a corp. The only requirement is you be interested in learning about Wormholes. [We accept alphas and omegas] All members have a voice our members decide what we do not CEOs and commanders we formed a type of democracy this way. Any CEOs and commanders in high SEC LOW SEC or Null Sec if you’d like to have something a little more then rented space let us know A un-spoken Alliance could be exactly what you need!!! XIII can’t do it alone we need you… My in-game name is Antman Woody I’m waiting to hear from you

Wrong place. Recruitment-forums are a bit lower on the list ->

yeah I messed up and I can’t delete it

Some punctuations would have done more than good.

I can only speak for myself, but I wouldnt want to fly with someone who seems to care this little about the readability of his recruitment ad. Gives me concerns you care little about other things too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The fact that it was postet in the wrong place only adds to that concern.


Well I don’t really concern myself about what you think

you have a decent killboard still not as good as mine

Just an FYI, if you actually want to recruit people, getting aggressive is not something that will help you in finding new people to join your corporation.

no one said I was good at it lol

yeah…KB-Battle. Do you have some Assets in that C4?

yes hit me up in game and we’ll discuss it further

Eviction inc.

so what you’re saying you’re trolling the forms for looking for people to evict?

FYI if we can’t handle it we have friends and holesale lol any eviction groups will just have them come in and s*** on you

but keep on running around beating your chest nothing makes me happier

how’s that is that better?

Best thread ever. https://youtu.be/67h8GyNgEmA

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It’s better because people who are looking for a corp to join are very much likely to look for recruitment post there first.

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