👨‍🚀 Caldari 1 [Caldari Alliance] Automated ISK

Now with salvaging project and automatic srp!

Got 5 new members!

Had a fun alliance event today. Got a solid group of people on voice comms now as well.

If you are in high-sec npc corp you could be making sooooo much more isk.

Active in all timezones!

Got some cool new automated SRP corp projects as well now.

Join us now!! o7

^ it is optional lol

Caldari 1 market investments have had such a great return we are now offering even more of the new corp projects as well as automated srp for common new player ships.

The best place to grind missions and watch netflix in new eden.

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Take advatage of the MCT sale and start training an alt in Caldari 1!

Litiura is under attack by the gurista pirates! Calling all Caldari Loyalist to help defend the system!

Now over 150 pilots in-game with nearly 100 in discord!

The Caldari State has endless ISK reserves to funnel into Corporation projects.

Really focused on homefront operations currently.

Let us help you fill your wallet full of isk to start your journey in new eden.

Corp projects always active 24/7

Great place to start back your adventure in new eden for returning vets.

Lots of new members :slight_smile:

Really active corp chat 24/7 all timezones!