LF Corp - 1.5 million SP - New Player


I am a 1.5 million SP Caldari player looking to join a corporation. I am from Scotland so English is my native language. Currently I am still trying to work out what career path I’d like to do in EVE. But whatever that path is, I know I want to experience it with other people.

My interest at the moment is currently in the Enforcer Career Path, and Soldier of Fortune looks interesting also.

A bit about me. I am a 26, living in Scotland, and work from home so I can likely be readily available.

At the time of writing this, I have finished all the career agents (except the Entrepeneur one) and hanging around Jita doing Enforcer stuff. I am willing to relocate.

I would appreciate your consideration.

Inunoki Utama

you are welcome to come try us at The Order of Omerta. We are US/EU and are newbro and returning player friendly. We focus mostly on FW and PVP but also got ppl who PVE and mine and INDY as well. We can give you a taste of a few different things and you can decide what you want to work towards. We are a chill community of older gamers so very little drama. If you are interested come by and see if we are a fit. The Order of Omerta

Legion Ascending: New corp with a relaxed, community focused environment. Getting into all EVE has to offer. Message Fauyeti Altol or Octane Charante for details.
We offer:
-PVE including abyssals, ratting and more.
-Small gang PVP in low, null and wormholes.
-Boosted Corp mining fleets for ice, moons, and belts
-Industry focused (edited)
We put a big focus on our members. we want everyone to grow and enjoy themselves while chilling with friends. come have a chat with us and see what you think.

As with any corp we do not put up with harassment of any kind. We expect adults to act like adults. Be respectful and kind to others or receive the boot on your way out the door.

Discord: [A5CND] Legion Ascending
In-game recruitment channel: A5CND Recruitment
Discord contacts: IAmBatman1456 and fauyeti

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Thanks for everyone who has reached out. Im bumping the post for some more exposure. I appreciate everyones consideration so far. Ive seen your messages and replies. However, I still would like to get as many offers as possible to find the right corporation for me.

Many thanks!

We are Nullsec based, we are a group that loves to have fun, I am looking for more EUTZ to join the ranks please consider us…

have a look :slight_smile:

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Congrats on the huge win against Blackflag. How are things going sir?

Hey there, I am part of a tight nit wormhole corp called Brewmaster Armada. Wormhole space might be a bit challenging for a newer player but it will get ya out and about exploring New Eden with some pals. We have a wide variety of knowledge and content, from pvp, to indi, and pve. Good isk making options for newer players with the experience of veterans to make sure know how to keep yourself out of sticky situations, or how to get into them and get out alive.

If you got amy questions, or seem interested feel free to contact me on discord: hellbent69420