Caldari FW / Exploration Character 2.2m SP

PRICE: 1.3 billion isk
Character name: Anwar Bhatti
Sec Status: -0.7
Skill Points: 2.2 million SP
Can fit T2 Blasters, T2 Railguns, T2 Lasers, T2 hull/armor mods, Data/relic Analyzers, Lvl 3 - 4 all exploration skills, T2 propulsion jamming aswell.

Very good for starter small gang PVP and exploration;
Hit up Anwar Bhatti or Maverick TopGun in game or just reply to this post will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also message us in our discord server;

(message either Spacey#9483 or Maverick#1101)

Your character is not ein eve skillboard, too low skill ponts to be sell (well if you hacve great standings maybe).

  • put a new thread cretes with the character you are selling with the data (kills rights, wallet, clone, location, etc)
  • put eveskillboard link
  • remember you must pay 20 USD / eur to the transfer.

The character for sale must be the one to start the sales thread. You may relist your character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are followed. Thank you.