Caldari FW

Why are the Gallente able to get more active players than the Cadari. For the last month the battle for Oicx was incredible but over the last few days the Gallente numbers were roughly 5-1.

I guess more players want to fight for the cause of liberty than for aggressive, xenophobic corporate meritocracy.

Weird, isn’t it.


Ever tryed to play during ruissian prime time zone?

As a GalMil member, it’s because Truth, Justice, and the Gallentean way will win out in the end! That and our planets are full of people who have chosen to use their freedom to be poor. Means we have more conscripts to send into the meat grinder then the horribly oppressive Caldari.

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VNI is a better revenue stream then CNIs?

Of course not it is actually Freedom! FREEDOM!! FREEEEDOMMMM!!!

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If Nospreys were 60 mil i would keep 6 minimum in my hanger at all times.

Slackers. Take my money!
But not too much of it…

Who needs ships, if Caldari navy large shield extedners are over 2500 ISK/LP conversion rate. Jita buy price.

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Minmatar republic LSE’s will always be cheaper. Tags required are cheaper too, I think.

It is more important, what market thinks, I think.:wink:

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True. Can’t argue with buy orders. But you can’t ignore the cost of conversion.

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