Caldari looking for a proper beginning since 2008

Name and looks are ready to be customizable per your choice after transfer
Only male is reversible without major cirurgy :slight_smile:

minBid: 5B
B/O: 7B

Got time, and no dire urgency on the iskies so unless a offer is B/O or by my choice close enough will stay open up to two weeks.

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Please follow the rules of the charactar bazaar and post the missing information.

All the information is disclosed if you would just press a magic link…
In a CCP allowed/recommended tool

wallet, killrights, location of pilot… all that has to be posted IN FORUM.

5b offer

make it 6bil we move forward. (with credit card for swiftness)

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5,1 B

Sorry below 6bil no point for me.

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