Deleted Pls
Hey can fly all caldari Frig ship then Caldari cruiser Recon, Battle Cruiser and the nice Basilisk
From Galente the very nice Hecate
and some more ships
Capital industrial Ship Skillbook are injected only need to learn
amarr freighter Skillbook injected only need to learn 20 days
Cybernetic is V and have the big Clone for best Learn.

Also my friends give me your offer
Due to my work, a processing time of 1-2 days is possible

You must leave your current corp before selling the character

I will bid 7.5B isk if you move character to Amarr or Jita

I Bring him to jita Thema but its Not enought money

daily bump

That’s 4 bumps in a day

oh i think when i write “bump” thats mean as bump Sry for this

5B if still available

i can say not enough sry

You never stated a buyout. what do you expect?

the last bid was 7,5 its in the near from my finish

The last bid is from 2 days ago. If it’s stil active I retract my bid. Otherwise 5B is my bid

i now

Daily bump

Come in and make your offers

5b offer

I already have a 5B bid. you may wanna reconsider

All right, you win

@Lucy_Koala If you accept my bid I am ready to send ISK

daily bump INFO for basilsik Lovers the skin emergency for Basi and Osprey aktivate

daily bump