Close Pls

WTS a Very Good Pilot

+4 Learn Imps
Can Fly NESTOR Logi different doptrines
Can Fly Rorqual and use
Can fly ARK (Jump Freighter)
Can fly Recon

and many other Stuff

Rules from CCP accepted
Location Jita Trade Hub
No Killrights
I pay the Transfer
Is in a NPC Corperation

Realistics Offer

I can offer 13b

sry not enough

Please check forum Rules, Must be in an NPC corp before you can post a selling thread

Sry i forgot After dt when i come back from work then i do it

Beam me Up

so no realistic offer is coming so the WTS is in 5 min over then i will delete this


Jesus Christ it’s been 16 hours since you posted the thread. If you’re the desperate for isk just extract it otherwise you might want to be patient. Character bazaar is a lot quieter on weekdays.

no sry then i can self extract the skillpointa.

16b offer

sry no but i think i use him self, many other guys sell this pilot maybe with more quality skills maybe not so but the price are up 20b or more


21,5 is it ok for you

I’m raising money right now. 20B is my limit

hmm ok

then i will accept your offer

Wait a moment

ISK and account have been sent

Confirm again, transfer to account: GoodGame104