Caldari Police Officials - Low Sec PVP Corp

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Hello all,

Come to write my corporation a Recruitment advert once again :slight_smile: Not going to lie and pretend were something special on paper, but our attitude and the way that the corp is run makes us special. If your interested please drop into our recruitment channel, or mail myself or any of our recruiters, You can find them in our BIO.

About us:

Caldari police officials are a Low sec PVP Corporation Based in Caldari Space (Black Rise). As a corporation we are Laid back and helpful, so new bros are welcome and we have things in place to get you onto your feet and enjoying the PVP Aspects of the game.

We are a corporation focused on Black ops and Capitals, As well as Small gang and Medium Gang PVP. We actively fly Black ops when we get targets that we can drop, and you can usually find us either roaming with our friendly corporations, or gate camping in our of our systems close to home. We have very few people set to blue, So the possibilities of content are very vast and we can fight pretty much everyone.

Benefits of CPOS:

:point_right: Full SRP Scheme Funded by Towers so No effort needed.
:point_right: Monthly Competitions and Reward Schemes.
:point_right: Completely Laid back attitude with a No Mandatory rule.
:point_right: Small but Growing Corporation So opportunities to be promoted are wide.
:point_right: Active Fleets and Roams, Including Black ops Drops and Gate Camps.
:point_right: Support is never far away if your solo roaming, as our standing fleet usually sits on around 10+ Players.

Requirements of CPOS:

:writing_hand: PVP Focused player, or at least wanting to learn PVP aswell as do whatever other career you want.
:writing_hand: Ability to at least listen into Teamspeak, You dont need a mic but it is prefered.
:writing_hand: Willing to be on comms whenever your online in game.
:writing_hand: Able to use Discord aswell as Teamspeak.

Helpful links:

:arrow_right: Capital Fight With PH!
:arrow_right: Killboard

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Edited with another video of us in action.

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More Videos are added!

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Restrarting our recruitment drive!

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