Caldari Roleplaying Pilot Looking for RP Corp

I’m a pilot of sub-capital Caldari vessels to a point. I’d like to join a Caldari-based roleplaying corp to stretch my storytelling grey matter. I’m quite new to RP as a whole - so would appreciate a corp who would allow me time to build a cohesive back story, compelling narrative, and actual prose writing skills.

In terms of piloting, I’m purely combat-focused with only the most necessary support skills that allow me to run a corp or use boosters - things like that. Sadly, I do have Defender Missiles trained to II - but those were dark days.

I’m not averse to pointing missiles at people who might not deserve them, too. But I have recently got back into CONCORD’s good books so I’d need a good few months of Hi-Sec to make that grind worth it.

I’ll leave it at that.

So, Role playing. Missiles. Caldari. That’s me.

I look forward to reading replies- but I’d very much love an EVE Mail more.

The more in-game, the better for me, personally.

Kindest Regards

Check out I-RED

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Thank you. It appears delightful and inspiring.

Yo m8, we are into roleplaying but as an entity, here have a look…

We are in caldari space even though we do not follow the “game history role” but once you see the advert you’ll see what i mean.

Enjoy and welcome back.

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I think you’ve helped me find what I was looking for. Thanks!

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