Looking to sell Smokescream - a pilot geared for almost all subcap purposes.


4.55 Caldari Navy standing
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet

Starting bid: 50B
Buyout offers open; the auction will run until January 25th
Hidden Reserve: 6X B


Now that’s a good name!

50b offer

50 b offer


still for sale

dead game - dead market


bump - sale will be ended soon and characters will be put back in storage considering the game is pretty dead. Congrats CCP.

I’d love to get this character from you… but I need to sell my 7 20m sp mining characters to afford ya!



Open to offers this weekend / trades

fine 44b .dotte

I could do 40 if you teach me the dark side of the force?


I can give you 40 for it =) Is that what you asked for here?

I am a bit confused. Are you looking to take 40b for the character or did I miss read your post?

I’ve got Isk in my account now if you were looking to make a deal tonight.