- cancelled -

Hey, I am up for sale.

This char is a decent Apostle and Moros pilot.
In addition he is proficient in a few subcap classes to help out with all your entosising, tackling, camping, hunting needs:
All Cruisers V
Recon V
Dictors and Hictors V
Logi and skills to use them V
Cyno V
Caldari and Gallente T3 subs V


All in all a good platform to start maxing out from.

Comes with a clone of full +5s and another clone with a full genolution set and missile +5%s

Start: 80b

80 bil


I will let this run another couple of days and then sell to the highest bidder above 80b by evening ET on wednesday.

80b accepted. Awaiting isk and account info.

Buyer appears to have gone AWOL, so we are back to selling.

Le bump


78 bil buyout offer

80b bo

Sorry, I’ve been away from the game due to real life activities. If you still honor your acceptance of my 80bil offer, I can send you isk immediately. Please confirm. Thanks!

81B b/o

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