(Bazu Alabel) #1


(Perpetualed) #2


(Bazu Alabel) #3

Looking to sell for 20 as its very focusesed not to be stripped

(Maizie Fields) #4

Dude, you’re already stripped.

12 billion

(Bazu Alabel) #5

Dude look at the skills, supp are all 5, gunnery is decent and maruder 5.
Its focused paladin

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #6

14b offer

(Bazu Alabel) #7

Looking for more,

(Absolute Truth) #8

14.5b offered

(Bazu Alabel) #9

to low man,
Added start price

(Detering Tank) #10

sorry bro, low gunnery ,low spaceship

(Bazu Alabel) #11

Willing to wait for right buyerX this is a focused paladin alt.

(system) #12

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