Capital Fusion. Join a corp become a bro! [Tri]


Very active PVP corp, living in null sec with strong goal-orientated leadership in a cooperative and light-hearted environment. Part of an excellent alliance in good sov space. <-- our killboard

We are self sufficient and can provide top tier training in PVP, production, marketting and investment.

We also have dedicated corp JF services for moving assets between null and highsec, so if you need help we can do this quickly and safely.

Significant opportunties for:

Corp roams small and large gang PVP Capital fights CTA’s and sov wars Ratting Investment Industry Mining full ship replacement program for both corp and alliance fleets,

We are mainly looking for active EU/US TZ players.

Main thing we love is to have a laugh on TS and kill anything not blue in fleets. Active bunch of nerds available to play both eve and other games with every day. Come visit out public discord or send Mysor McGuinness an ingame mail if interested in our shenanigans.

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