Capital Ship and Structure Component BPC Clearout

Some BPC’s I want to clear out cheap (all in Jita):

Chimera x13 (ME8 TE16) - 8m, 95m for the lot.

Archon x43 (ME8 TE16) - 6m, 225m for the lot.

Capital Cargo Bay x400 40 run copies (ME10 TE20) (16,000 runs) - 5m ea, 1.75b for the lot. SOLD

Capital Drone Bay x400 40 run copies (ME10 TE20) (16,000 runs) - 5m ea, 1.75b for the lot. SOLD

Capital Launcher Hardpoint x80 40 run copies (ME10 TE20) (3,200 runs) - 7m ea, 500m for the lot.

Capital Siege Array x40 40 run copies (ME10 TE20) (1,600 runs) - 3.5m ea, 120m for the lot.

750m for all of the above.

4x ME10 TE14 Wyvern BPC Kits (10/20 components) - 2b for all 4 packs <-- Last 4 packs, then gone forever!
3x ME8 TE12 Aeon BPC Kits (10/20 components) - 1.4b for all 3 packs

Structure BPC’s - ME10/TE18 - 4 and 7 run copies - Cost: 1m per run
Stucture Acceleration Coils - 0(x7run) + 0(x4run)
Structure Advertisement Nexus - 37(x7run) + 34(x4run)
Structure Construction Parts - 57(x7run) + 40(x4run)
Structure Electromagnetic Sensor - 0(x7run) + 0(x4run)
Structure Docking Bay - 66(x7run) + 41(x4run)
Structure Factory - 37(x7run) + 36(x4run)
Structure Hangar Array - 66(x7run) + 41(x4run)
Structure Laboratory - 37(x7run) + 34(x4run)
Structure Market Network - 320(x7run) + 72(x4run)
Structure Medical Center - 78(x7run) + 25(x4run)
Structure Office Center - 74(x7run) + 24(x4run)
Structure Repair Facility - 66(x7run) + 24(x4run)
Structure Reprocessing Plant - 0(x7run) + 0(x4run)
Stucture Storage Bay - 31(x7run) 34(x4run)

Make a bulk offer.

I’ve send you mail in game.

Contract up, ty. Added new items.

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