Carrier Module

Since the FAX now have the Triage Module.,when are carriers going to be getting a replacement? I would like to suggest something that increases light fighter hp and dps, along with the carrier local reps? Maybe even allow for a combat cyno when the carrier is ‘triaged’ or whatever you end up calling it.

…You mean like a networked sensor array?

Not quite. The NSA requires no fuel and does not affect ability to move or warp while cycling. Even if the bonus module just increases tank, scan rez and fighter hp there still should be an anchor. Five minutes is plenty of time to watch the cyno. Ten is just needless.

The NSA disables the ability to warp while it’s active.

Which you’d know if you ever used it.


You are asking for things that are already in game. The fighter suport unit (bonuses to fighter hp and dps) and NSA (siege) give exactly what you wish for and are restricted to (super)carriers only.


Instead of tying up two high slots why don’t carriers and moms have a single module that does both? Triage helps with local and remote reps. Siege helps with damage output and tank. Why are the devs at CCP incapable of figuring out how to do it properly for carriers and motherships?

Maybe because they realize that carriers and supers are already crazy effective at tackling and applying DPS to subcaps and that the last thing they need is a massive buff to their tank and DPS while doing it?

NSAs and Fighter Support Units work differently than Siege and Triage modules because fighters work differently than capital weapons and remote reps. It’s that simple.

I love the “It’s not FAIRRR FAX got something and carrier didn’t” attitude.

How to destroy EVE keep ship creeping on a tit for tat basis.

Personally I’m all in favor of nerfing carriers and supers to the point where they need a proper siege module to be viable…but somehow I doubt folks like the OP really want that.


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