Casual player looking for a corp

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I’ve been playing this game on and off a couple years now and just started logging back in again I’ve been in and out of a few corporations because I go inactive when RL gets busy. I mostly pve sometimes mining though I prefer planetary industry when I’m not alpha. I hardly find enough time to play PvP because sometimes I got to afk and cant commit the focus to it. I am Caldari and I grind those related factions and missions. Just looking for others to mostly casual PvE part time if that.

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If you’re interested in PVE stuff, you should check out Malevelon Roe Industries, they are dedicated to that kind of casual playstyle. Their discord is here:

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Hey there if you fancy WH space check us out Looking for Corp

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Arismoth > Ever been the only active Pilot on at a given time? Inactive corp Problems? Want to experience Wormhole Living? Come be an intergal Part of the Thirteenth Empire . Active Corp. Helpful Members, New Pilot Friendly.

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We have great moon sin our system, it’s fully upgrades and you don’t even need to pewpew!

Give us a shout in our channel Coalition of Carebears ingame!


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Check out The Grove. We’re a small, very casual corp operating out of low sec, but, with hi sec systems adjacent to ours. We run missions, sites, explore, mine, and a little PVP when necessary. Offer T1 ship replacement and low tax rate. No drama just looking to build the ranks with like minded players to enjoy EVE with.

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